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NorthStar® Navigation Cube Channel 2

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NorthStar® Navigation Cube Channel 2 Full Specifications

Set up a separate cleaning area for Mint 4200 or extend your cleaning coverage area for Mint+5200 with an additional NorthStar Navigation Cube – Channel 2.

The Navigation Cube can be used with Mint 4200 to set up an additional cleaning area in your home without having to move the Cube that came with Mint. Set up cleaning areas on a first and second floor, in a bedroom and living room on the same floor or even two ends of a large, open area. Note that Mint 4200 does not clean from one Cube to another.

Use the Channel 2 Navigation Cube with Mint+ 5200 to extend your cleaning area. Mint+5200 will move from one Cube to the next, expanding the area it can cover in a single cleaning cycle.

What's In The Box:

  • 1 NorthStar Navigation Cube – Channel 2 (requires 2 C batteries, included)

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Country of Origin:China