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Scooba® Revitalization Kit With Tank

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Scooba® Revitalization Kit With Tank Full Specifications

Keep your floor shining like new with a Scooba that works like new. Our revitalization kit, complete with a new tank, contains easy-to-install replacement parts that are compatible with Scooba 330, 350, 380 or 390.

Standard Features

  • A new Scooba tank refreshes your used tank
  • A fresh filter, brush, vacuum port and squeegee maximize the level of clean
  • Front caster wheel and two new tires keep Scooba on the move
  • All replacement parts are easy to install

What's In The Box:
  • 1 Scooba Replacement Tank
  • 1 Scooba Filter
  • 1 Scooba Cleaning Brush (with cover)
  • 1 Scooba Front Caster Wheel
  • 2 Scooba Tires
  • 1 Scooba Vacuum Port
  • 1, 2-piece squeegee

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Country of Origin:China