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Safety, Security, and Privacy

Verified by Visa - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Verified by Visa?
Verified by Visa is a unique service that uses personal passwords or identity information to help protect Visa card numbers against unauthorized use. Once activated your Visa card number cannot be used for online purchases without your personal password. Verified by Visa is available for most Visa cards from participating financial institutions.*

Why should I sign up for Verified by Visa?
Verified by Visa provides an extra level of protection for online shopping. Visa always protects its cardholders against unauthorized use, but Verified by Visa helps to prevent unauthorized use online before it can happen.

How do I shop with Verified by Visa?
New Verified by Visa Customers:
Simply activate your existing card with the Verified by Visa service and create your personal password. The service is free to Visa cardholders. You'll have the added assurance that your Visa card is safer when you shop at participating online stores.

Existing Verified by Visa Customers:
After you enter your Visa card number and submit your order, a Verified by Visa window will appear. Your card issuer will display an authentication page. You will enter identity information or your password and click submit. Your identity will be verified and the purchase process will proceed.

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How do I activate my card?
Activating your card while you are shopping is quick and easy. If you choose to activate during shopping, you'll provide information to your Visa card issuer to confirm your identity and then create your password. On future purchases at participating online stores, your Verified by Visa password will be required during checkout, ensuring your added safety. You can also activate your current card now.

Your card is automatically recognized
Once your card is activated with the Verified by Visa service, your card number will be recognized whenever you purchase at participating online stores. You'll enter your password in the Verified by Visa window, your identity will be verified, and the transaction will be completed.

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How do I know activation is secure and safe?
Personal and payment card information is transmitted using a high level of encryption (SSL), and is stored on a secure server behind a firewall to protect against unauthorized access.

What are the Verified by Visa password requirements (number of characters, numbers, upper case, etc.)?
Password requirements are determined by each Visa card issuer/member bank. Contact your Visa card issuer to learn more about their password requirements.

What if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, click "Forgot your password" on the Verified by Visa password window and follow the instructions provided by your Visa card issuer.

What is a Personal Message?
Your Personal Message appears in your password screen when you make purchases. When the Verified by Visa window appears during the purchase process you should always check to see that your Personal Message appears correctly. This confirms that it's an authentic Verified by Visa window.

I am not an Internet expert. How easy is Verified by Visa to use?
Verified by Visa is quick and easy to use. When you submit an order at a participating online store, a Verified by Visa window will appear. If you have not activated your Visa card, simply complete the authentication information requested by your card issuer and create a password. After your Visa card is activated, you just enter your password, submit, and you're done.

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How will online stores know that my card is activated?
Whenever you use your activated card to pay at participating online stores, your Visa card number will automatically be recognized and the Verified by Visa password window will appear. Your password will be required to complete your purchase.

While I was making a purchase online, I was notified that my card has been activated in Verified by Visa. What does this mean?
Some Visa card issuers provide additional security by initiating activation for cardholders. Just follow the instructions provided by your card issuer to shop at participating online stores with added safety and confidence.

I share the same card number with other family members. How does Verified by Visa work for all of us?
Whether you and your family members share the same password will be determined by your Visa member bank. Some member banks require everyone on your Visa account to activate their individual card and create a personal Verified by Visa password. Other member banks activate the card for you, in this case, all account holders use the same password.

Can I use Verified by Visa from any computer?
Yes. One of the great advantages of Verified by Visa is that it can work with just about any PC with an Internet connection. There is no special software to install. Once you activate your card, you simply shop as you usually do. Your Visa card number is automatically recognized at checkout. Be sure that Cookies and JavaScript are enabled and that pop-up killers are disabled on your computer.

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